Research Paper Thesis Statement Writing Strategies And Techniques

You will have to write a research paper for most of your classes in school. It is a very effective evaluation tool that many professors use. It not only gives teachers a chance to see if the students are able and willing to apply the things that they have learned but they also get a more in depth look into the topic that you are studying.

The main point of the paper is called the thesis statement. It will be what you are trying to prove through your paper. It is the answer to your research question. Here are some strategies and techniques that will help you write an effective thesis statement.

Strategies and Techniques

  1. Conduct the research first
  2. After you choose the topic that you are going to write your paper on, the next step is to start conducting research on that topic. You may have conducted some preliminary research to choose a topic but now you will conduct specific research on the main topic so that you can draw a conclusion and decide what you are going to write your paper on.

  3. Form your outline
  4. Form an outline on what your paper is going to be about. It will help you organize your ideas and allow you to write an effective thesis statement for your research paper. It will list the result from the study and the reasons why you made the conclusion.

  5. Focus on the main point
  6. Once you have your outline complete, you will see where your paper is headed and create a focus that the paper will work to explain and prove. It is a great example that you can learn a lot about how you will develop the rest of your paper.

  7. Include the supporting facts
  8. You will want to make a statement and also say the main supporting facts. The thesis will become your transition from your introduction to your first body paragraph. When you include your supporting facts, you will make your paper more readable. It will set the stage for the rest of your paper which is what it should do.

You should focus on every word, phrase, sentence, and paragraph working to prove your thesis. Any topic that does not relate specifically to proving this statement can cause your research paper to lose power and go off topic.