Biology Research Paper Topic Ideas: 12 Great Suggestions

Writing a paper for biology can be hard. There are so many subtopics involved with biology that it’s too broad to simply choose a topic off the top of your head. You need to get more specific if you want to write a successful research project. Talk to your teacher about requirements for this homework and what you need to look for in a topic. Since your teacher will be the one marking your paper, you should make sure you know exactly what he or she wants.

In general, research papers are longer and more in depth than essays. You’ll need to know the word length requirements and format for this homework. Talk to your classmates about their topics as well—they might have ideas you haven’t thought of before. It’s great if you can help each other figure out how to get good grades.

Topics for biology research papers

These topics are ones you can use in your research, but feel free to branch off into something else if you get an idea. Start by doing some looking around at the library and online for each of these topics and seeing what interests you. Since it’s a lot better to write about something you like, pick a topic you are passionate about, or at least intrigued to know more.

  1. Genetics and obesity—who is most likely to become obese because of their genes
  2. Relationship between vaccines and infancy autism
  3. Could Ebola be used as a bio weapon?
  4. Advantages and disadvantages of nanotechnology
  5. Is hypnosis really possible from a biology standpoint?
  6. Discuss sleeping disorders, their cures and causes
  7. How might abortions affect future pregnancies?
  8. Discuss military hazardous waste
  9. What are the effects of oil spills on marine life?
  10. Talk about moral reasoning with stem cell research
  11. Should testing on animals be made illegal?
  12. Look into alternate fuel sources for cars

Once you have a good topic, you can start writing the paper. Projects like this often require a lot of time and effort, but if you plan properly, it can be easy. Look at how much time you have left until the deadline and figure out what part you’ll write on which day. A good topic is just the beginning, and although important, don’t spend too much time on finding the perfect topic to use.