A List Of Anthropology Research Paper Topics You Probably Wouldn't Think Of

It doesn’t really matter whether you are writing an anthropology research paper for university, your Internet blog or for your school assignment, it has to be intriguing. To be the author of the best and most intriguing research papers you have to choose an interesting or even a bizarre anthropology topic.

If you have no ideas where you can get such a list, read the rest of this article and it is guaranteed that you will get the best ideas.

  1. “Influence of Queen Victoria on Great Britain” is the first proposed to you topic. You can research the life of ordinary people in the nineteenth century, what factors could influence their life, which factor was the most important social standing or the amount of money.
  2. “The Samurai – mysterious Japanese warriors” – is another interesting theme for exploring, especially if you take an interest in ancient Japanese culture and traditions.
  3. The ancient process of burying people in ancient Egypt, called mummification is a little bit creepy but a very exciting topic. You can find out who could be mummified, why the ancient Egyptians had such weird funeral traditions, the process of mummification itself etc. If mummies are too scary for you, but you are really interested in Egyptology, research the life and death of one of the most famous Pharaohs - The Tutankhamen.
  4. If you are fan of myths and legends this topic would be hundred percent interesting for you – The cultural impact of mysterious dragons on human culture. Try to find out why did people trusted in dragons, what kinds of dragons there are, how did they influence the literature and art of different nations.
  5. Research different cultures and traditions of various interesting countries like Cyprus, Spain, Austria, Jamaica, Mexico, Montenegro and so on. Simply pick up the one that intrigues you the most and investigate its history.
  6. “The usage of cosmetic in ancient world” research paper will definitely attract attention of your audience and guarantee you high grades from the tutor.
  7. “Rockabilly and the subcultures of 50ties” – a topic full of rock-n-roll, Elvis, Teddy Boys, fluffy skirts etc. You will definitely be not bored researching this kind of topic.
  8. Interested in Native American tribes? Then choose the “Mythology and Fairytales of ancient Indians” theme and plunge into atmosphere of hoodoo, chiefs and deep American forests.

So, don’t waste even a second, pick up a theme and start researching and brainstorming process right now.