How To Find The Best Topic In Making A Term Paper- Tips And Examples

You have got to write a term paper and the term “term paper” makes those little hairs on the back of your neck stand up. It is probably because you know that you will have to do research and write a lengthy paper that incorporates some information from credible sources that you will have to cite correctly. Or maybe it is because they call it a term paper because they expect you to write the paper for the entire term. This assignment is not fun and most students dread it.

You don’t have to fret. There are ways to make this assignment as quick and as painless as possible. By following these tips and learning about the best places to find a few examples, you will be whipping through it like nobody’s business. You don’t have to suffer through it and you can make it easier on yourself and this is how.


  1. Start off with deciding on a good topic. A good topic is one that is interesting to you. Consider something that you always wanted to know about or know more about in relation to the class that you are taking.
  2. Construct your thesis. You will start doing research on your topic and then come up with a main point that you want to talk about. This is a general statement about the topic and you will need to be able to prove it with at least three reasons.
  3. Develop an outline. Make a plan. Don’t just start researching the topic and spending countless hours sifting through notes that you took on the things that you read. Once you know the reasons or the main point, you can focus your research so that you aren’t reading articles that don’t relate to your topic.


Get an example paper to use as a guide. You will see that the author determined one thing that they wanted to prove about a topic and then set out to prove it. It really doesn’t have to be that difficult. Check out your resource library for examples, most of the sources that you will use are research papers. You can also find a great example of a research paper in a formatting guide. If you have to write your paper in a certain format, check it out and you will not only find how your paper should look but also a great example as well.