Free Term Paper Help: How To Compose A Good Introduction

A term paper requires a large number of well-structure components to get you a good grade. But none may be as important as a good introduction. There are several techniques you can follow, but generally all of the good ones share the following good qualities: they should capture your reader’s attention and should let him or her know what your term paper is all about. It’s generally pretty easy to accomplish the second of these by presenting a great thesis, but catching your reader’s attention can be more challenging. Here are some ways of doing this:

Presenting the historical context:

Some topics can be more easily understood if you provide some historical context. Given one or two sentences to discuss how your topic fits into today’s world or how it has evolved will give enough background to set your reader on the right path to understanding what you will be writing about. Your journey becomes your reader’s journey as he becomes invested in the reading further.

Presenting an anecdote:

Most people like to read little stories when it comes to academic writing. Used effectively anecdotes could bring a lightness in what can sometimes be a dry topic. You might benefit from reading some anecdotes in magazines or journals just to see how short stories can provide a great deal of power when done correctly.

Starting with a surprising statement:

A lot of professional writers like starting their works with a surprising statement. Sometimes it’s controversial, joyful, shocking, and even disgusting. Profanity can sometimes be used just as much as humor. For a student it might take some time and practice to effectively use this, as professional writers have often spent years earning this skill with careful precision.

Making a declaration:

This is one of the most commonly used ways of getting a reader’s attention, but you need to make sure you understand its effects before trying since using this incorrectly could really hurt the intent of your introduction. Making a declaration means you simply come right out and say what you will be writing about instead of waiting to do so in the thesis introduction.

Name dropping an important person:

Just the way people are fascinated by what famous people do or say, your reader will be fascinated by what an important person relevant to your topic has to say. The person you choose can be living or dead. In unique and creative instances you may use a well-known figure to make a comparison with a lesser known person who will be the focus of your term paper.