How A Good Topic For A Term Paper Should Look Like

What are the elements that make up a good term paper topic? Great assignment writers have come up with the following key words to remember when thinking up your own topic.


If nothing else, make sure your topic is original and not copied or re-worded from someone else’s. This may take some extra time to achieve, but an unexplored topic is a sight for sore eyes when your teacher or professor starts assessing it.


Topics that are not well balanced can come back to bite you when you start the writing process. One of two things can happen with an unbalanced topic. First, you could choose a topic that is too broad. This type of topic will have too much information to write about, and will be left unfinished when you’ve reached your page limit. On the other hand, a topic that is too narrow will not have enough research capability, leaving your term paper short and flat. Make sure your topic encompasses a specific direction that can be elaborated on sufficiently.


Let your topic promise to solve a problem in the words you use. Your title should also promise to answer a pertinent question that many people are likely to ask when thinking about your subject. A topic without one or both of these qualities will seem as if it is speaking at the reader, rather than conversing with the reader about something that is important to him or her.


Be sure that your topic is not vague as to what the term paper will be about. Your reader should know what he or she is getting into when choosing your paper by the title. Encompass all valid points in your topic and make every detail count.


Teachers want to see students come up with compelling topics that grab their attention. Add a touch of mystery to your topic that will make the reader wonder what it will offer before opening it up.


A sister of authenticity is relevance—and every topic should have both. Relevance simply means that your topic must be pertinent to the subject in question and not be done for the sake of completing your homework. Try to contribute something of value to the person who will be reading your term paper by providing a topic that is relevant to your subject, time, and place.