A List Of Intriguing Topics For High School Term Papers

A term paper requires in-dept study and research and therefore requires topics that allow for the formation of hypotheses. As a result, these will involve the study of entire systems, made up of many individual parts that perform a task or cause a phenomena which can be observed by humans, who then formulate a hypothesis based on the available information.

The steps that must be taken to achieve this can be listed as follows:

The following represent topics in two diverse fields:


  1. Cell Division, what is Mitosis and Meiosis and why is each process necessary.
  2. The different structure found in the heart and how each part contributes to the purpose of the heart.
  3. The Human Skeletal Structure and the functions of the different bones.
  4. How to determine functions of the different parts of the brain.
  5. The structure of the eye and how they work to produce 3-d vision.
  6. The functions of the different components of blood and why they are necessary.
  7. Evolution of different species in nature and evidence to support it.
  8. How to determine if a microscopic life form is anaerobic or aerobic.
  9. The role Genetics play in daily life and how they affect our development as species.
  10. The different Micro-organisms that can and do exists in the human body and how they affect our life.


  1. What are the geographical process that resulted in the formation of fossil fuels and how are we able to determine this and use it to find fossil fuels.
  2. How can we determine the processes that lead to the formations of present day geographical landscapes and rock structures
  3. How to locate tectonic plates and determine their role in earthquakes locations and times.
  4. How present day species of fauna came to be at their current geographical locations and how do we determine whether it was as a result of a geographical change or a climate change.
  5. The different conditions and states of the earth’s crust that facilitates the formation of different volcano types and structure.