Writing A Research Paper Background Of The Study: Tips For Beginners

In your university career, you will always be asked to work on some research papers as part of your degree. However, this may be a bit daunting for the beginners or the first year students. This guide is written specifically for the beginners and provides tips for you to overcome any difficulties.

To begin with, a research paper is just a task where you have to conduct a research of some sort and then just write it up. It isn’t too difficult, but it does get complicated. It is recommended that you take notes whenever you can, as people tend to forget about things and details soon! It is just our brain can’t always process so many different things all the time! Here are the best tips that you need:

Get your research done first

Whether this research is done in a primary method or secondary method, it doesn’t really matter. It is important for you to conduct the research and then make notes accordingly. This would help you write a better research paper.

Discuss with your lecturers

This is even more relatable to those who are doing quantitative research. The figures and numbers that you have collected may make absolutely no sense to you and it would be wise for you to get some advice from your lecturers and see how they interpret the results. Of course, they won’t give you the answer outright, but they will certainly lead you down the right path.

Don’t just write, think!

Doing a research paper isn’t just about writing random words onto it. It requires a lot of thinking before you can put together a great work. This applies to the background of the study, as that is arguable the most important aspect of the whole research paper! Therefore, you really need to spend a lot of time thinking!

Conduct a lot of background research! A LOT!

You need extensive knowledge of the topic and that means you need to be researching first! The knowledge won’t just come to you and you need to put in the hard work. However, if you are willing to spend the efforts on it, you will be rewarded greatly, as your research paper will be a piece of masterwork and will certainly demonstrate your competence in the subject.