No Jews Allowed


It can be seen during the World War-II that German leader Adolf Hitler, after gaining power in 1933, found determined to expel the entire Jewish population from his land and he started to exile the Jews through a systematic plan made by his political as well as military intellectuals. It is important to know that these special Identification Cards were only issued to Jewish population. Later as the war gets intensified, movement to expel Jews from Germany also gets rapidness. It was also seen that Jewish businesses were destroyed, their houses were burned and many Jews were arrested by the German authorities.


History reveals that anti-Semitism, once, has been the identity of some European nations where many fascist organizations emerged to attain their racial goals. It is a fact that Italy, Germany, Romania and Austria can be seen as axis of anti-Semitism in Europe.

The mistreatment of the Jews started efficiently very nearly when Hitler came to control. The Nazis built up new laws that were against the Jews. Initially it appears he proposed to constrain them out of Germany however this in the end prompted an arrangement to kill the Jews. The hostility and prohibition of Jews started to take place from 1933-1945. It is indeterminate whether Hitler wanted to kill the Jews when he came to control. Recently, upon the event of Israel-Ghaza conflict, there has been an emerging layer of abhorrence and hatred against the Jews amongst the Muslims all over the world. Eventually, the prohibition of Jews to café and casual hangouts have been declared by putting a sign of ‘No Jews Allowed’ outside the premises. In Belgium, a sign was placed disallowing Jews and Zionists from entering into a café, however, this act was highly protested and dislikened.


Europe has been experiencing anti-semitism in Belgium, Germany, Austria, Hungary, etc. that was intended to protect their national identity or specific race as happened in Germany it is also a fact that anti-Semitism has been found very strong in Germany where Adolf Hitler’s rise provoked people of German race to eradicate Jewish population from their country as the central of the Nazi ideology was the protection of German identity. However, the reason that intitated the Holocaust has not still beeen suppressed, i.e. signs such as ‘No Jews Allowed’ are a clear evidence that anti-Seminism has not been completely eliminated.