How To Write An Academic Research Paper In The Chicago Format

The nights finishing up a proposal, the days getting data, and the lunches spent with results to be analyzed all come down to writing the research paper. Putting down all your insights and findings is one element you have to get through. Formatting it in a specific style is another element. This article tackles how to get your paper done in Chicago format.

Having a Settings Checklist

To get geared up in writing about your work, you should use the checklist below:

This list will come in handy for making sure your paper looks professional and reader-friendly.

The Title Page

The title page is considered the face of your work. If you don’t pass with this simple page, you will fail to impress. The title of the work should be its focus therefore in the center and midway down the page. If it has a subtitle, make sure the main title has a colon, and the subtitle follows below it. Further down, you can put your name and class.

FAQs on the Main Body and References

There are a lot of questions that may have come into your mind while writing the paper when it comes to the formatting here are common questions and answers that address them.

  1. What should I capitalize? Answer: First words of titles, notes, and bibliography.
  2. How do I write a block quotation? Answer: These are usually five or more lines of prose. They are single spaced.
  3. What are the differences of bibliography and references? Answer: Bibliography is the term used to describe the list of sources for the Notes and Bibliography style of writing while References s term for Author-Date style.
  4. What if there are multiple authors of the source? Answer: If they are at least three authors, write all of their names. If there are four or more, after the first author use “et al.”
  5. What if there seems to be no author? Answer: Write its title on the references in the main body write its shortened form.

The crisp style Chicago formatting requires shows your quick eye for details. This will not only impress your teachers but also your future employers and co-workers. With this checklist and basic information in mind, you can finish your research paper knowing you’ll be successful.