A List Of Extraordinary Topics For Your Next Term Paper

ISIS: Analyzing the root of the problem

What factors have contributed to the ISIS situation? Take a look at this problem from all sides and analyze what can be done as a remedy.

The death of Robin Williams: Moving past the rumours

There are a whole lot of theories as to the circumstances surrounding Robin William’s death. Explore some of these rumours and discuss the hype that surrounded this tragic event.

Partner: The new word that has replaced ‘spouse’

It seems to be more and more politically correct to use the word ‘partner’ instead of ‘husband’ or ‘wife’. How is homosexuality and premarital relations changing the way society makes reference to people? How do you see this evolving in the future?

Should hitchhiking be outlawed?

The number of kidnappings, murders, and assaults that are traced back to hitchhiking is growing on a yearly basis. Should the practice of hitchhiking be made illegal as it is in some parts of the world?

Back to the simple life: Escaping the rat race

More and more people are shaping their lives in such a way to reflect basic living. Countless families are reverting to farming and living off the land as a means of everyday life. Is it worth escaping the rat race, or are there negative side effects to this concept?

Pornography is not real sex

Is pornography sex on film or has it fallen into a category of its own? Compare normal sex to the seemingly abusive behaviour in porn films and make an analysis accordingly.

The new blogging era: Can we really write about anything?

Mommy bloggers, food bloggers, and even toy review blogs written by kids. There’s a whole new industry popping up and blogging is the fuel.

How media has influenced our perceptions of the little things

Explore some of the so-called misconceptions that have been fuelled by the media. Some examples can be:

Diet Coke and Mentos: A scientific explanation for the reaction

Write a fun term paper on why the mixture of Mentos and Diet Coke reacts the way it does.

Missing persons: Four views on where they go?

Speculate (with backed up facts) on what happens to the majority of people that mysteriously disappear.