5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Parts Of An Academic Research Paper

Okay, so I guess this all depends upon what your current level of understanding is when reading this article. However, I am going to attempt to explain 5 things that you didn’t know about the academic research paper. You probably are already totally familiar with the key components, and even if you are not, then a quick Google Search should bring some to light. So, let’s break it down and look at things from a different and unique perspective!

The Title

Did you know that there is no maximum or minimum in terms of the number of words that you can use in your title? A lot of students seem to flounder on this. However, the general rule of thumb is that while it can’t be too short, it can’t be too long either. In essence, you are looking for a title that fully sums up your assignment in the easiest possible way.

The Thesis

Rather than just being one part of the paper, your thesis is actually a component of several different parts. For example, you have the Literature Review, The Data Collection element and the Data analysis part. Rather than attempting to write it as a whole, I always recommend to my students that they break it down into the relevant sections – This makes the entire process so much more manageable!

The Data Collection

For me, this is arguably the most interesting part of any research paper. Who doesn’t just love going off and immersing themselves in their study! However, did you know that you can source “some” information that isn’t entirely relevant to the main argument, so long as it broadly fits your aims and goals. Clearly, to wander too far from the beaten path is going to be problematic. However, a little bit of whimsical or self-indulgent study won’t do you any harm. Indeed, it might inspire you.

The Bibliography

Did you know that other than the research, this is actually the next most important part of your dissertation? Failure to correctly credit all of your sources could lead to accusations of plagiarism. Which in turn could actually destroy your career.

The format

While there are numerous different formats that you can use. The key to getting the highest possible grade is in finding the format that ticks the most boxes with your tutor.